FreshGoGo, Inc. and its affiliates ("FreshGoGo”, "us”, "we”, or "our”) are committed to keeping the personal information of its customers accurate, confidential, secure and private. This Privacy Policy describes the types of information we collect from and about you when you visit our website, ("Site") or use our mobile applications (each an "App") (the Site and Apps are collectively the "Platform") and the principles FreshGoGo will use to protect the privacy of personal information in its possession. It also addresses the reasons why such information is collected, how it is used, how its confidentiality is protected and outlines the customers' rights in respect of this information. For avoidance of doubt, you must be 18 years or older to register as a customer of FreshGoGo.
This Privacy Code does not apply to information about business customers who carry on business as corporations, partnerships or other forms of association. FreshGoGo does, however, protect the confidentiality of such information in accordance with applicable law and our own policies.

1. Accountability

FreshGoGo is accountable for the protection of all personal information within the organization's possession or control, including any personal information that has been transferred to a third party for regulatory, legal or processing purposes. FreshGoGo will require a comparable level of protection of this information from its third party relations.

2. Identifying Purposes

Personal information that FreshGoGo collects from you includes:
(1). your name, telephone or mobile number, email, address and other contact information;
(2). geo-location information;
(3). facts about consumption, both historic and current;
(4). facts about payment for services, including general financial information;
(5). credit and reference information.
(6). photos and videos.

When you use a service, FreshGoGo will make you aware of the purposes for which FreshGoGo is requesting the personal information. If FreshGoGo identifies other purposes for which the personal information may be used, FreshGoGo will seek your consent prior to such use. FreshGoGo will advise that it is your right to refuse permission for FreshGoGo to use personal information for any new purposes. Additional purposes for collecting personal information may be identified to you before or at the time of collection. However, at a minimum FreshGoGo will collect your personal information for the following purposes:
(1). to respond to customer’s inquiries or requests, process and fill customer orders, verify your qualifications for certain products and services, process payments and prevent transactional fraud, provide delivery and other notifications, and contact and communicate with customer;
(2). to develop new products or services and to conduct analysis to enhance current products and services;
(3). to provide you with customized Platform content, targeted offers, and advertising on the Platform, on other third-party sites or apps you may visit, or via email;
(4). to contact you with information, newsletters and promotional materials from FreshGoGo;
(5). to contact you when necessary;
(6). for profile photos if you choose to upload one;
(7). to review the usage and operations of our Platform, improve our content, products, and services, or address problems with the Platform or our business;
(8). to use your data in an aggregated non-specific format for analytical and demographic purposes;
(9). to manage our telecommunications networks;
(10). to protect the security or integrity of the Platform and our business;
(11). to meet legal, regulatory and settlement requirements; and
(12). as otherwise described to you at the point of data collection.

3. Consent

FreshGoGo collects information from you when you choose to provide it to us. This may include when you use our Platform, create an account on the Platform, make a purchase, request information from us, sign up for newsletters or our email lists, complete online forms, participate in contests or surveys, or otherwise contact us. Subject to certain legal and contractual restrictions and reasonable notice, you can refuse or withdraw your consent to the collection, use or disclosure of personal information about you at any time. If you do receive an unwanted email or other message from FreshGoGo, you can simply send an email to and request that your email address not be retained.

4. Limiting Collection and Information About Children

Protecting children's privacy is important to us. We do not direct the Platform to, nor do we knowingly collect any personal information from, children under the age of 18.

5. Limiting Use, Disclosure and Retention

FreshGoGo will only use the personal information for the purpose for which it was collected as identified in section 2, unless consent is given by the individual to use or disclose it for another purpose. FreshGoGo treats your personal information as confidential and does not disclose it to third parties or use it without your written consent, except where such personal information is require to be disclosed to third parties under certain circumstances. When personal information is provided to third parties, FreshGoGo provides only that information which is (a) in accordance with section 2; (b) in accordance with your agreement otherwise provided to disclose such information; or (c) that is required in the circumstances. Information provided to third parties is provided only for the purpose stipulated and except for information provided in accordance with law, such information is subject to specific confidentiality obligations. Companies to whom FreshGoGo may provide information must ensure that their employees who have access to your personal information agree to comply with FreshGoGo's privacy standards. Third parties include:
(1). An agent acting on behalf of FreshGoGo, such as a company hired to perform package holding or delivery service on our behalf;
(2). A collection agency, for the express purpose of the collection of past due bills;
(3). Law enforcement agencies, in emergencies, for internal security matters, or where required by court order or search warrant; and
(4). Billing, settlement or market operation purposes.
(5). Customer referral: FreshGoGo may use the’s SDK for customers’ referral module which only collect the information from the customers who shared through their customer IDs, but the moblink may have collected the information such as device type, and redirect for downloading purposes.
(6). When customer uses livechat function in the app, a third party service provider api by will be called, and the app may uploading users' files and information to for interacting purpose only for customer service.

FreshGoGo may engage employees, contractors, and other companies or third parties to perform work that involves access to personal information. In any case, FreshGoGo will take reasonable steps to ensure that such parties are required to keep the information confidential and not to use it in any way other than as is necessary to perform their work for us.
FreshGoGo may disclose summary information obtained by combining data from many accounts, provided that the information has been sufficiently aggregated such that any personal identifiers cannot reasonably be identified.

6. Accuracy

In order to ensure the reliable delivery of service and the correct billing, FreshGoGo will use reasonable efforts to keep all personal information accurate, complete and up to date. Individuals may challenge the accuracy and completeness of personal information about them and have it amended, as appropriate.

7. Cookies

A cookie is a small non-executable file that is stored on your hard drive for the purpose of identifying your computer. While it is possible to navigate and use by having your browser's Internet security set such that it will not accept cookies, your online experience may be greatly reduced, and you may not be able to access the full functionality of the FreshGoGo website.
FreshGoGo only uses session cookies at Session cookies are active only during the period you are logged on to the website, and are removed when you leave. They help us track the sections of the website that you use to allow us to make improvements in keeping with observed user preferences. FreshGoGo also allows other companies, called third-party ad-servers or ad-networks, to present advertisements within our web pages. Because your web browser must request these advertising banners from the ad network's website, these companies can send their own cookies to your cookie file, just as if you had requested a web page from the site. FreshGoGo only authorizes our third-party ad-servers to employ anonymous cookies for ad delivery and anonymous targeting. Our third-party ad servers do not collect, nor do we give them access to, any personally identifying information about you. Third-party ad-servers may use permanent cookies. Permanent cookies remain on your hard drive until you remove them through your browser's Internet security settings. Permanent cookies are used to store user preferences such as preferred language and thus eliminate your having to make the same entries on each visit.

8. Safeguards

In executing its responsibilities with respect to the confidentiality of personal information, FreshGoGo will employ a number of safeguards, appropriate to the sensitivity of the information, to protect personal information against loss or theft, as well as unauthorized access, disclosure, copying, use, or modification. Such safeguards will include physical measures, organizational measures and technological measures, for example, restricted access to offices, security clearances and limiting access on a "need to know" basis and use of passwords and encryption. Procedures for implementing these measures will be communicated to all employees and third parties to ensure compliance with this principle.

9. User's Acceptance Of This Privacy Policy

By visiting the Platform, you signify your acceptance to the terms of FreshGoGo's Privacy Policy. If you do not agree with the terms of this Privacy Policy, please do not use the Platform. We reserve the right, at our sole discretion, to change, modify, add or remove portions from this Privacy Policy at any time. Your continued use of the Platform following the posting of changes to these terms means you accept these changes.

10. Openness and Updates

FreshGoGo will make its policies and practices relating to the protection of personal information available to its customers. The information will be available in a format that is easy to understand. If FreshGoGo decides to change its privacy policy, it will post those changes to this privacy statement, the homepage, and other places it deems appropriate so that you are aware of what information we collect, how FreshGoGo uses it, and under what circumstances, if any, FreshGoGo will disclose it. We reserve the right to modify this privacy statement at any time, so please review it frequently. If FreshGoGo makes material changes to this policy, it will notify you here, by email, or by means of a notice on its homepage.
FreshGoGo publishes its privacy policy on its web site. Any material change to FreshGoGo's privacy policy will be prominently noted in the published policy. In addition, you may contact FreshGoGo with any question or concern you may have by emailing the Privacy Officer at

11. Individual Access

Any customer of FreshGoGo can have access to the personal information about them that FreshGoGo has in its possession or control. Any customer may request that their personal information be amended for purposes of accuracy and completeness, and any customer may request their registered account to be deleted from the platform. Customers can make their requests via email FreshGoGo will attempt to respond to any individual's request in a timely and efficient manner.

12. Other important information

This web site may contain links to other sites. FreshGoGo do not endorse or otherwise accept responsibility for the content or privacy policies of those web sites, and encourages you to read the privacy policies of any web site you visit.
If you have submitted personally identifiable information to FreshGoGo via email and would like that information to be removed from our database, please send an email to and request that your information be removed.


FreshGoGo公司及其分支机构(以下简称“FreshGoGo”、“我们”或“我司”)致力于保障用户个人信息的准确、安全和私密。此隐私条款描述了当用户访问我们的网站以下称为“网站”)或使用我们的移动应用程序(以下简称“应用程序”)(网站和应用程序统称为“平台”)时,我们从用户处收集的信息类型,以及 FreshGoGo所遵从的原则以保障其拥有的个人信息的私密。 它还阐述了收集此类信息的原因、如何使用这些信息、如何保护其机密性并概述了客户对这些信息的权利。您必须年满 18 岁才能注册成为 FreshGoGo 的客户。
此隐私法不适用于以公司、合伙或其他形式的合作形式开展业务的商业客户的信息。 但FreshGoGo 会根据适用法律和我们自己的政策保护此类信息的机密性。

1. 制定责任

FreshGoGo 负责保护机构拥有或控制范围内的所有个人信息,包括出于监管、法定或处理目的而转移给第三方的任何个人信息。 FreshGoGo同样要求对此类信息的第三方提供同等级别的保护。

2. 确立目的

FreshGoGo 向您收集的个人信息包括:
(1). 您的姓名、电话或手机号码、电子邮箱、地址和其他联系信息;
(2). 地理位置信息;
(3). 地理位置信息;
(4). 付款信息,包括一般财务信息;
(5). 信用和参考信息;
(6). 照片和视频。

当您使用某项服务时,FreshGoGo 会让您知晓 FreshGoGo 要求您提供个人信息的目的。 如果 FreshGoGo 判定个人信息可能用于其他目的,FreshGoGo 将在使用前征求您的同意。 FreshGoGo 将告知您有权拒绝 FreshGoGo 将个人信息用于任何新目的。 收集个人信息的其他目的可能会在收集之前或收集时向您确定。 但FreshGoGo 基本上会出于以下目的收集您的个人信息:
(1). 响应客户的查询或请求,处理和填写客户订单,验证您对某些产品和服务的资格,处理付款和防止交易欺诈,提供交货和其他通知,以及与客户联系和沟通;
(2). 开发新产品或服务并进行分析以改善当前产品和服务;
(3). 在平台、您可能访问的其他第三方网站或应用程序上或通过电子邮件为您提供定制的平台内容、有针对性的优惠和广告;
(4). 向您传达 FreshGoGo 的信息、新闻和宣传资讯;
(5). 必要时与您联系;
(6). 个人信息图片,如果您选择提供;
(7). 审查我们平台的使用和运营,改进我们的内容、产品和服务,或解决平台或我们业务的问题;
(8). 以汇总的非特定模式使用您的数据,用作分析和人口统计目的;
(9). 管理我们的电信网络;
(10). 保护平台和我们业务的安全或完整性;
(11). 满足法律、法规和协议要求;
(12). 其它在数据收集时向您陈述的原因。

3. 准许

当您选择向FreshGoGo提供信息时,我们会收集您的信息。 这可能包括您使用我们的平台、在平台上创建帐户、进行购买、向我们索取信息、订阅我们的电子邮报或电邮信息、填写在线表格、参加竞赛或调查,或以其他方式联系我们。 在遵守某些法律和合同限制以及合理通知的前提下,您可以随时拒绝或撤销对收集、使用或披露您的个人信息的允许。 如果FreshGoGo向您发送了您不想收到的电子邮件或其他消息,您只需向service@freshgogo.net发送请求移除您的电子邮件地址。

4. 限制收集有关儿童的信息

保护儿童的隐私对我们很重要。 我们平台不会指导,或故意收集 18 岁以下儿童的任何个人信息。

5. 限制使用、披露和持有

FreshGoGo 只会将个人信息用于第 2 节中列出的收集目的,除非个人同意用作其他目的或披露相关信息。 FreshGoGo 将您的个人信息视为机密信息,不会在未经您书面同意的情况下向第三方披露或使用这些信息,除非在某些情况下需要向第三方披露此类个人信息。 当向第三方提供个人信息时,FreshGoGo 仅提供 (a) 符合第 2 节的信息; (b) 根据您的同意披露此类信息; (c) 情况需要。 向第三方提供的信息仅用于规定的目的,除依法提供的信息外,此类信息受特定的保密义务约束。 FreshGoGo 提供信息的第三方公司必须确保其有权访问您的个人信息的员工同意遵守 FreshGoGo 的隐私准则。 第三方包括:
(1). 代表 FreshGoGo 执行业务的代理人,例如我们雇用的包裹保管或送货服务公司;
(2). 收款机构,专门处理收取逾期账单;
(3). 执法机构,在紧急情况下,为了内部安全、在法院命令或搜查令要求的情况下;
(4). 计费、结算或市场运营目的;
(5). 客户推荐:FreshGoGo 可能会使用 的 SDK 用于客户推荐模块,该模块仅收集通过客户 ID 共享的客户的信息,但 moblink 可能收集设备类型等信息,并用于下载目的的重定向;
(6). 客户在应用程序中使用实时聊天功能时,会调用美洽网的第三方服务商api,应用程序可能会将用户的文件和信息上传至,仅用于客户服务的交互目的。

FreshGoGo 可能会聘请员工、承包商、其他公司或第三方来执行涉及访问个人信息的工作。 在任何情况下,FreshGoGo 将采取合理措施确保各方必须对信息保密,并且不得在开展工作所需的范畴以外的任何方式使用这些信息。
FreshGoGo 可能会披露通过合并多个帐户的数据而获得总合信息,前提是该信息已充分聚合,以至于无法辨认出任何个人特点。

6. 准确性

为确保提供可靠的服务和正确的计费,FreshGoGo 会尽最大努力使所有个人信息保持准确、完整和最新。用户可以质疑有关他们的个人信息的准确性和完整性,并酌情对其进行修改。

7. Cookie浏览器数据

Cookie 是存储在您的硬盘上的一种不可执行的小文件,用于识别您的计算机。 虽然您可以设置浏览器网络安全设定为不接受 cookie 来导航和使用,但您的在线体验可能会大大降低,而且您可能无法使用FreshGoGo 网站的所有功能。
FreshGoGo 仅在 FreshGoGo.com上使用时域 cookie。 时域 cookie 仅在您登录 FreshGoGo.com网站期间启动,并在您离开时被删除。 它们帮助我们跟踪您使用了的网站部分,让我们根据观察到的用户偏好进行改进。 FreshGoGo亦允许其他公司(称为第三方广告服务器或广告网络)在我们的网页中展示广告。 因为您的浏览器必须从广告网络的网站请求这些广告横幅,所以这些公司可以将他们自己的 cookie 发送到您的 cookie 文件,就像您从该站点请求网页一样。 FreshGoGo 仅授权我们的第三方广告服务器使用匿名 cookie 进行广告投放和匿名定位。 我们的第三方广告服务器不会收集,也不会允许他们访问有关您的任何个人身份信息。 第三方广告服务器可能会使用永久性 cookie。 永久性 cookie 会保留在您的硬盘上,直到您通过浏览器的网络安全设置将其删除。 永久性 cookie 用于存储用户偏好,例如首选语言,从而避免您每次访问时输入相同的内容。

8. 保障措施

在履行个人信息保密责任时,FreshGoGo 会根据信息的敏感性采取多种保护措施,以防止个人信息丢失或被盗,以及未经授权的访问、披露、复制、使用、 或篡改。 此类保障措施将包括物理措施、组织措施和技术措施,例如,限制进入办公室、安全许可和在需要通报的基础上限制访问以及密码和加密的使用。 实施这些措施的程序将传达给所有员工和第三方,以确保一致遵守该原则。

9. 用户接受此隐私政策

访问FreshGoGo平台即表示您接受此隐私政策的条款。 如果您不同意本隐私政策的条款,请不要使用本平台。 我们保留随时自行改变、修改、添加或删除部分隐私政策的权利。 您在这些条款的更改发布后继续使用本平台即表示您接受这些更改。

10. 开放与更新

FreshGoGo 将向其客户提供与保护个人信息相关的政策和做法。 这些信息将以易于理解的格式提供。 如果 FreshGoGo 决定更改其隐私政策,它将在本隐私声明、主页和它认为合适的其他地方发布这些更改,以便您了解我们收集了哪些信息、如何使用这些信息,以及在什么情况下(如有)会公开。 我们保留随时修改本隐私政策的权利,因此请经常查看。 如果 FreshGoGo 对本政策做出重大更改,我们将通过此页面、电子邮件或主页上的通知方式通知您。
FreshGoGo 在其网站上公告隐私政策。 FreshGoGo 隐私政策的任何重大变更都将在已发布的政策中以显着方式注明。 此外,如果您有任何问题或疑虑,您可以通过发送电子邮件至service@freshgogo.net联系负责人员。

11. 个人访问

FreshGoGo 的每一位客户都可以访问 FreshGoGo 拥有或管制的有关他们的个人信息。 任何客户都可以出于准确性和完整性的目的要求修改其个人信息,并可以要求从平台中删除其注册帐户。 客户可以通过发送电子邮件,向 提出要求。 FreshGoGo 会尽快及效率地回应个人请求。

12. 其他重要信息

本网站可能包含其他网站的链接。 FreshGoGo 不以任何方式接受这些网站的内容或隐私政策的责任。敬请仔细阅读您访问的任何网站的隐私政策。
如果您通过电子邮件向 FreshGoGo 提交了个人身份信息并希望我们从数据库中删除该信息,请发送电子邮件至